Filmmaker Tells Dad’s Sad Story in ‘Requiem for a Running Back’

As neurologist Julian Bailes says in the film, CTE doesn’t just affect the victim of the traumatic brain disease; it affects the victim’s entire family.

That is the true message of this stunningly gripping film, made by a woman who needed to know what was wrong with her father, 10-year NFL veteran Lew Carpenter, and with everything she had hoped would be so good about being in a die-hard football family.

Carpenter had heard about some of the groundbreaking concussion stories that were being pieced together by former Harvard football player Chris Nowinski and research pathologists at Boston University and elsewhere, but she didn’t want to hear it.

‘‘I was so mad at Chris Nowinski,’’ she said. ‘‘I thought he was a [wimp]. Football was a man’s game.’’

But something in her heart told her she was wrong. As former Packers tight end Paul Coffman says in the film, it actually takes more courage to admit one needs help than to hide one’s feelings and the intuitive knowledge that some problems are bigger than oneself.

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Via Chicago Sun Times